Project participant Lesly reads aloud a letter he wrote to himself before embarking on a cross-cultural education program between New York City and the Dominican Republic.

This interdisciplinary film explores the impact of cross-cultural learning and art production on the American youth generation. Millennials, youth born after 1980, are considered “confident, connected and open to change,” but what does this actually mean about the way we shape our worldview? How do we form community in a rapidly shrinking and connected world? And what responsibilities do millennials owe these new, global communities?
Creating Dangerously tells the story of three New York City youth who have all traveled abroad to the Caribbean, and immersed themselves in the foreign, only to find out who they truly are and what identity they hold in this global world. They do this through several different types of art production while studying, living, and serving abroad. Their own individual paths to becoming artists necessarily require that they dig deep and reflect on their identity and goals in order to produce their artwork. It is certain that these youth have been drastically changed by their experiences but what is yet to be seen is how they will fulfill their newly inspired potential in their local and global communities. This film explores the nuances of our increasingly diverse American Millennial generation in the landscape of an ever-changing global community.
Acknowledgments & Gratitude
This film was created in the Spring of 2013 and served as the final thesis project of the filmmaker's bachelor's degree in American Studies from Georgetown University. It was supported by the American Studies Program and the Film and Media Studies Program at Georgetown University. This project was also realized with the support of Project Advisor and filmmaker, Ellie Walton.